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Lunar Eclipse
& Hoofgang Experience

Lunar Eclipse & Hoofgang Experience aims to provide a valuable service in the UK, benefitting everyone from the young to the not-so-young, catering for ASN, ASD, PDA, PTSD, and other mental health conditions. But you do not need to have a diagnosis to access our services.

As well as catering for people who need a bit of unconditional love, we also have lots of fun with our Hoof Gang, and you can too!


Equine Facilitated Learning

EFL is a relatively new way of working within the UK but indicators have shown that it is of particular benefit for people who don't find traditional forms of support helpful. It involves building a relationship with the horse to improve confidence and self esteem. The sessions provide a calming and reflective space to experience the deep and profound healing power of horses. Please note that you do not need have a diagnosis before taking part.


Hoofgang Experience

When it comes to parties our ponies do it best!!

Apollo, Eeyore, Smarties, Bubbles, Gwen and the others in our team can't resist joining in the fun. Each event can be tailored to your requirements with options like pony party, pony pamper, walk or picnic with a pony, or a magical unicorn visit. (Catering can be provided - please let us know at time of booking.)